Métis Family & Community Justice Services of Saskatchewan, Inc. (MFCJS) was incorporated in 1992  as a result of our recognition of the need to empower Métis communities to address the social and justice issues facing our people.  Our mandate is to promote the spiritual and cultural well being of Métis people throughout Saskatchewan by ensuring that:

  • They live in safe and harmonious communities;
  • They are treated fairly and with dignity by the various agencies and institutions that constitute the justice system; and
  • They have access to a range of family and community justice programs and services which are consonant with Métis culture, values, beliefs and traditions.

The focus of MFCJS is on supporting the delivery of community-driven social and justice services in a manner that values and utilizes the wide range of geographic and demographic needs and resources within our Nation.  Our priority is the promotion of strong Métis family values as the core of our Nation.  We envision an environment in which Métis children are protected and cared for by their families and communities.  By drawing on the knowledge and experience of our Elders, programs and services will be delivered in a holistic, culturally sensitive manner.

 Over the past 17 years, MFCJS has implemented various initiatives ranging from the Aboriginal Court Worker, Community Justice Development, Social Development, Community Action Program for Children, Community Justice Implementation, as well as numerous other short term services.

MFCJS is governed by a Provincial Board of Directors consisting of the Minister, representation from each Métis Region, Métis Women of Saskatchewan, and Métis Youth.