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Aboriginal Courtworker Program

The role of the Court Workers is to ensure that Aboriginal people who are charged with a criminal offence and/or family members of the accused receive just, equitable and culturally sensitive treatment.  The Aboriginal Court Workers ensure that each client fully understands the criminal justice processes, which they will be involved in, and has the support that they need. Priority is given to first and second time offenders.

The MFCJS Courtworkers received Justice of the Peace training; this enables the Courtworkers to visit the accused on Saturday and Sundays when they are brought in by the Police over the weekend.

MFCJS currently has 2 full-time and 1 half-time positions serving the provincial court areas of Saskatoon, Beardy’s First Nations, Rosthern and Blaine Lake. 

This program is monitored by the Aboriginal Courtworker Advisory Committee, which consists of representation from Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, FSIN, College of Law and MFCJS.  Mr. Max Morin currently represents the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan/MFCJS on the Advisory Board.